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I have trained and worked in providing Pediatric Neuropsychological/Rehabilitation and Pediatric Health Psychology services in a variety of hospital and clinic settings across South Florida. Additionally, received specialized training and currently practice as part of a multi disciplinary team at an outpatient neurorehabilitation facility, specializing in Neuropsychology and Rehabilitation Psychology across the lifespan.


My emphasis is on the relationship among behavioral, emotional and cognitive aspects of health and disease in order to aid in the course of illness. My clinical experience encompasses working with patients that have a variety of needs which include sudden onset or chronic medical illnesses, neurological diseases, spinal cord injury, neurodevelopmental disorders, preparation for medical procedures/surgery, end stage diseases, solid organ transplantation, psychosomatic concerns, childhood leukemia, pain management and poor adherence to medical/psychiatric treatment. Also, I trained delivering inpatient neuropsychological services performing cognitive screening and retraining, addressing adjustment difficulties post injury, initiating rehabilitation services in an acute setting, family/parent skills training and use of applied behavioral techniques for motivation and compliance with therapies and medical routines. In the past, I have also provided Applied Behavior Analysis services as a Verbal Behavior therapist for children on the Autism Spectrum.


My training background has prepared me to provide treatment and evaluation services to a broad range of patients in the neuropsychological, behavioral and health field.

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